2007: A Year in Review

As 2007 comes to a close, I have been thinking about all that has happened this year. This has no doubt been the busiest, most changing, most exciting year that I have experienced in my 28 years of existence. It was towards the beginning that I realized that I was going to be a father. That has really been the defining point of my year. I never thought, even with my crazy imagination, that life would change this much. I really thought that the first year or so of this fatherhood stuff would easily get on my nerves and push me to limits I had never seen before. I have been very much surprised at how "stretchable" I really am. God has been flexing me greatly the past couple of years so that I would be ready for what I'm going through now. To Him be the glory.

There is still an issue that our family is praying through and seeking God's direction on. I continue to go back to the account of Abraham from the Old Testament. God came to Him and said, "follow Me and I'll show you where to go." God never gave the end result or what the path that He was calling Abraham to would hold, but simply invited Abraham to follow. (Now that I think of it, sounds very familiar to the invitation that Jesus gave each of His disciples, huh?) I know that God has big plans for our family and the ministry He has given to us. We are continually seeking Him and trying to discern the direction that we are to take.

On a less "spiritual" note, how about the Crimson Tide of Alabama??? I know, you can't really jump up and down much about this season, but at least it was a winning season. It seemed like the bowl game was a summary of their season. They started strong, slacked back and then held on and finished with their heads above the water. Being one that is a huge Crimson Tide fan, I thought that things went pretty well this year. I really look forward to what this new era of football at the Capstone will be like!

I guess that was 2007. Wonder what 2008 will be like?