Remembering Mr. Vernor

It was brought to my attention this weekend that a couple of families in our church had lost loved ones. This news always tends to bring a cloud over on a sunny day. I can honestly say though that it is good to have hope because of Jesus Christ. From everything that I knew about these two men, they had a relationship with Christ and that has brought hope and comfort to the families.

One of these men, Mr. Vernor, just amazed me. The first time I saw him, he was just walking down the hallway in our church and stopped to say hey to me. I later found out that he led a worship service at a local nursing home each week. I would notice him walking to the nursing home each week and thought nothing of it. That is until it was brought to my attention that he had lost the ability to drive to a stroke. If that wasn't enough, he had also lost the ability to read to a stroke. That's when it hit me. He can't read... he can't drive... but yet, you see him serving his God with the little he has left. Amazing...

It has really made me think about some things. What do I do? What do I allow to put me on the sidelines and miss out on God's work? Here was a man that did not let anything stop him. I pray that the dedication and passion that Mr. Vernor had for Jesus Christ might be found in me one day.