It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Now it's starting to feel like Christmas around here. When we moved to Fairhope some two and a half months ago, I knew that the weather would be warmer and all, but the past couple of days it has finally gotten chilly enough for the feelings of Christmastime to come. As I think about this Christmas Eve, I realize that it is so different from any other. This will be little Drew's first Christmas. This is my first Christmas as a father. I'm just glad that I haven't had to get into the stealth mode of hiding presents from the children yet. That will be fun though.

I am very thankful for the time that we have off (from the offices). It gives me a chance to rest up and get ready for the big youth all-nighter that we have coming up at First Baptist Church. I don't know who the wiseguy was that came up with this idea, but if I ever find him... we are going through all the good stuff... pizza, concert, skating, bowling, movies, games, breakfast... I can't wait. I think that the church saw everything that we were doing and said that we would need two weeks to recover from everything.

I know that this seems like a bunch of rambling... well, it is. It's just a little of what's on my mind this wonderful Christmas Eve morning. I wish that all may have a wonderful Christmas this year. If you're reading this... stop... get off the computer and go spend a little time with your family. And remember that Christmas is all about presents. That's right, it's all about presents. God gave us the greatest present of all, a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. God also desires for us to take that present and share it with someone. So do that this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!