Yesterday was one of those interesting days. It was the 4th anniversary of marriage between me and my wife. I was stoked about it. I had to spend the day in Hattiesburg, MS though. My mother had to have a stint put in. I got to thinking about how you can be torn in many different directions. My heart and thoughts were back at home with my wife of 4 years and our soon-to-be 4 month old son. I was drawn though to the thought that my mother was having heart complications. I was drawn back to the commandment to "honor your father and mother." That doesn't end when you get married. It changes but it doesn't end. You can't run to every beckon call of your parents once you get on your own or else you will be living in slavery. But there are times when they need your help. My mom came through the procedure great and will be spending time in the hospital. God is good and gracious because I was able to get back home to my wife of 4 years and share a wonderful anniversary dinner, pizza!