Little Man Gets Sick

It has finally happened. We knew that it would... we were praying that it wouldn't, but in the back of our minds we knew that we couldn't avoid it forever. Our little man got sick. We took him to the doctor on Sunday afternoon and they said that it just looked like a bad cold. They told us to keep a watch out for fever and if it came, to bring him back. They must be prophets. That very night, the fever came. We took him back and magically there was an ear infection. Now, for those of you who are already parents, I'm sure that you're either rolling your eyes or laughing at the big deal that it is to us. But this is our first. I am also one that does not want to fail. There is a part of me that when Drew gets sick is like "how could you let that happen?" I know, I know... you can't protect them from everything. So, our lives have been filled with doctor visits and running to get medicine the past couple of days.

February is always an interesting month. Everyone's thinking about "love". We just finished up a dating series in our student ministry that went really well I thought. This month is going to be more mixed up in topics. I am going to share tonight about how passion moves us to action. Should be good.

I am also reading a great book. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is called "Chazown" and the author is Craig Groschell. You should check this book out.