Don't Forget The Family

You have to love it when times get busy. I am in the middle of planning events up to my eyeballs! We are hosting a satellite conference for girls, DNOW is right around the corner, trying to get airlines talking to me so that we can get our tickets for our mission trip to Jamaica this summer... What next? I know that I should really not ask that because that only opens the door for more things to come. In the midst of all this stuff, I was reminded today of a key element: don't forget the family! With everything going on, there has not been much time to have some quality time with the fam. That's why tonight is all about Naomi and Drew. The good thing about hosting this event tomorrow is that we get a free Avalon concert tonight. So I will be treating the family to a concert and dinner tonight.

If you are in ministry, be very careful that you do not plan away the quality time with your family. A wise man once told me this bit of advice: "if you lose your church, you can get another one, but if you lose your family, no church will want you!". Something to ponder.