The Past 24 Hours

After an interesting past 24 hours, today is a Sabbath of sorts for me. A day of rest. A day to kick back and catch up on some much needed rest. Back on Tuesday night, we had the student leadership team that we put together here at FBC Fairhope come over to the house for some spaghetti and Wii. It was good times. I challenged them to step up... take the leadership that's been given to them and use it for the Kingdom. I really believe that they will. Later that night, actually in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (somewhere around 3am), we packed the family into the Explorer and headed to the ER. That's right, the emergency room. My lovely bride encountered her very first migraine. It was awful. Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day. I wanted to make sure that Naomi was able to get plenty of rest and recover from the migraine, so I dropped Drew off at the daycare at about 7am and headed into the office to prepare for our Wednesday night youth service. By the time me and Drew got home (somewhere around 8pm), Naomi was doing better.

At our youth service, we had a blast. We had a special guest appearance by the world-famous air band, The Lava Drinkers. They opened our service with the Skillet song "Whispers in the Dark". It was so funny. We moved on to some awesome worship and then talked about worship. As Jesus put it, true worshippers are those that do it in "spirit and truth" (John 4). I reminded the students of a lesson that I learned as a teen: if you're going to sing it, you better be willing to do it. If not, then it's just as empty as lip-syching. The spirit refers to our emotions. The truth refers to God's word. It is guardrails that keeps us from just going anywhere and everywhere in our worship.

In closing, I thought that I'd drop a line of something that I came across. Usually, Naomi has me watching American Idol, but this year we haven't gotten in to it. I did happen to see something from YouTube that was pretty cool. They had the contestants doing "Shout to the Lord." After picking my jaw up off the floor, I was impressed. I know that some think it was lame because they replaced "Jesus" with "shepherd" in the first line, but the song still spoke clearly. If you didn't see it, here's the video.