The Comatose Tour

WOW! It has been a little while since I went to a concert just to have some fun. Last night, I went to one of the better ones that I've ever been to. Me and four guys from the church went to see The Comatose Tour featuring Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Decyfer Down. It was amazing! I can't remember when I had headbanged so much. I had not heard much from Decyfer Down, but they were great. They had some awesome riffs, lyrics, and most important was their message. Thousand Foot Krutch was great. I must thank my lovely wife for introducing me to them about 5 years ago. Skillet... well, what can you say? I remember when they busted on the scene when I was a teen (no old jokes) with "Gasoline." It was funny because some guy older than I was down in the pit kept yelling for them to play that song. Skillet definitely brought the house down. I must say a huge thanks to Skillet for taking us back to the 80's power ballads one time.
If you have a chance to see this tour, drop everything you have going on, grab a few friends and make sure that you are there. You will not be disappointed... I promise (and I don't do that much)! Check out some pics from the show in the photo section.