The Birdhouse & Some Dialogue

The past couple of days have been very eventful. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go into the office, I had to chase a bird out of our house. The stupid bird came in through the chimney and had taken a seat behind a chair. The interaction was something for YouTube. Everyone survived the ordeal though.
Today, I was doing my devotion and was reminded of a great truth: when we read God's word, it is an invitation to converse with the Creator of all things. In Daniel 9, we see him reading the writings of Jeremiah. What he read immediately drew him to prayer. I realized that as God speaks to us through His word, He is looking to hear from us. Here are some suggestions (most not my original) for the next time you read God's word to engage in dialogue with the Father:
1. When reading a difficult passage, ask God to give you understanding.
2. When reading Scripture that reminds you of someone's need, take time to pray for them.
3. When you come across something in Scripture that is contrary to what you previously thought, ask God to conform your beliefs to His.
4. When you read about God's faithfulness, take time to thank Him.
These are just a few ways to engage in a true conversation with Almighty God. He didn't tear the veil in the temple just to show His authority; He did it so that you and I could have discussions with Him.