The Lost Art of Encouragement

Today, I was in the office to get some things done now that camp is over. I saw that I had a voicemail on the office line. I was shocked that there was only one, but that one made my day. It was an adult volunteer who had gone on the trip with us just encouraging and thanking me for the camp. I got to thinking, "why don't we do that (encourage one another) more often?" I know that I'm not the best at telling people "thanks" after the fact. But I really wonder why the art of encouraging others seems to be one that few are participating in.
I want to encourage you to encourage someone today. It may be nothing more than writing a card or even text message to someone. If you do this, be specific with what you're thanking them for. This will brighten the darkest day.


Christy said...

This is so true, especially for us saps whose "love language" is affirmation!