Wednesday Recap

Last night, we started our summer series "Discovering Your S.H.A.P.E." with our student ministry. This is a series from Doug Fields that I've seen and done (not knowing) for some time with other ministries. It is great. It helps the student to find out how God has wired them and how they can fulfill the purpose for which God created them. This series is a big shot in the arm for me because it follows the thought-pattern that I have that students who have a relationship with God are gifted by God to serve God... NOW. Not when they get "older", but to serve their Creator in the present. I am very excited to see how this will go this summer. If you are a leader in student ministry and looking for something that will help equip students and ignite a spark for them to start doing something, try this series. You can find it here.

This week has been interesting as my summer intern, Merritt, started to work. I'm really looking forward to his help and to pouring in some experience for him. He is looking to go into student ministry himself. I have come to believe that internships are the essential keys to developing true experience for young ministers. Some are like me and get "thrown to the wolves" right off the bat and make stupid mistakes. I know I did (taking the group to a pro wrestling event... not a good idea). If you do not have an internship program in place, that would be something that would be well worth your time in getting together. Pass along the wisdom that you have to the next generation of leaders.

Well, it's off to get the week wrapped up and help Pastor Stan move to his new house.