Family Ministry Plan

"You can lose your job at a church because you spend so much time with your family and still find another one. You lose your family because you spend so much time with the church and no church will have you."

Those were some words of wisdom from of mentor of mine as I was looking to get married. As I look around and watch those words become reality in many ministers' lives, I ask myself, "how is my family doing?"

The answer: okay. I have come to realize that, if I were honest, that I probably spend more time planning youth ministry than I do the ministry of my own family. I'm not saying that I throw my wife and child to the curb, but I have seen that I sometimes expect our "family ministry" to just happen. Anyone who's been in ministry knows that doesn't "just happen."

As me and Naomi were talking last night after the little one went to sleep, I realized that I am no good as a youth pastor if I'm not shepherding the first flock that God gave me: my family.
What about you? What is the ratio of time spent planning your family's spiritual health compared to that with the church? What ways to you do ministry within your home with just the family? I'd love to hear what's going on in your world.