Transparency Is Good

This is something that I've been told for most of my ministry. People would tell me, "people want to know that you're real. They want to see that you don't always have it together."

The truth is, I don't see much transparency in ministry. I even have to battle the temptation to wear the "everything's okay" mask. So please don't get me wrong when I wrote that, but I just don't see people letting their true emotions go.

That is until yesterday. Our pastor was very transparent with us. One of his close friends had passed away and their was still some emotions that needed dealing with. He acknowledged that he was not at his prime and why. I think that the rest of the church joined me in relating much closer to our pastor.

So, I see that there is much truth in transparency being a good thing. If you're in ministry, remember that you don't have to be perfect. You are just called to be real!