Refuge '08 Day 1

Last night was the first session in a get-together called Refuge hosted by the wonderful people at Student Life. It was for student ministers who are using the curriculum that Student Life produces. My favorite part of the whole thing is that it is free. They truly just want to give something back to the leaders of student ministry. That's cool.

Last night, we started off with a little worship led by Chris Tomlin and a couple of guys from his band. The neat thing that I took away from this was that Chris didn't use the whole band. He even asked that they take him off of the screens so that it wasn't like a performance. It was a great gathering of brothers and sisters in Christ just worshipping the Messiah. As we left for the night, we were given free copies of Chris Tomlin's new CD that just came out called "Hello Love". I strongly encourage people to check it out.

After Tomlin, Louie Giglio came and just shared some words about grace with us. It wasn't much like a "sermon," but more like a conversation over dinner. I think that the one thing that I took away most from what he said was...

"God didn't/doesn't need you... but He has invited you to be at the table."
How true that is! God can get by just as good (and sometimes better) if we weren't involved, but out of His great love for us, He has invited us to come and experience what He is going to do. Good stuff...