The other day I was listening to a radio Bible study on Daniel. The speaker reminded his audience that Daniel was in exile and had nothing but his prayer life for spiritual nourishment... no temple... no priest.

This got me to thinking, what would happen if we didn't have our nice church buildings? What would happen if we didn't have many copies of the Bible in our possession? I'm not against nice church buildings or having many copies of God's word (just ask my wife). I do wonder if all of these things were taken away, would we be able to thrive in our faith? Would we be able to survive?

In being totally honest, I think that we might not be as spiritual as we think. We depend so much on things like church services, small groups, and Sunday School to feed our spirits, but these aren't to replace that one-on-one time building a relationship with God. Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. Church services, small groups, and other things like are great tools, but if one depends just on these to grow in their faith, then they're just being spoonfed and need to learn to feed themself..


Christy said...

Actually, I think it might do a world of good (that's an oxymoron, isn't it?) for the church body. I think too often we consider going to church, SS, etc. as a checklist to make us feel better, not to get closer to God. If we were deprived of such things, we would probably realize in a heartbeat how much we NEED God in our lives. Look at the persecuted churches and how they worship underground and hide written copies of the Word in their walls. We are so spoiled and complacent.