All things new...

Well, it looks like I have made yet another switch.  We have moved our blog here to anthony-stephens.com so that we can have more tools.  We are now using WordPress which offers more features than Blogger did.  It's all good though.  Our student ministry and church use the WordPress format, so it's much easier to be thinking with just one kind of format.

Also, I think we had the beginning of a new thing in our student ministry last night.  We took a few students to a local mall with the sole intention of sharing the Gospel with people.  The students had mentioned that they were a little scared about what would happen.  When our hour was up, I had to drag them away from the mall because they were so busy sharing with people.  It was so awesome to watch these students stand up and step out  about their faith.  Many of them mentioned afterwards that this needs to become a regular thing.  It's great to watch students get excited about sharing Jesus with others around them.