Steve Remembered

Tomorrow morning I will get up, get dressed and make a four hour trip that I have mixed emotions about. Tomorrow is the funeral of Steve Dorsey. He was a student that was somewhat involved in our student ministry while we were at Fairhope. He was killed in an auto accident. This was his senior year. He was a great guy. Not one for many words unless he really had something to say. Also, he was one heck of a guitar player. I can remember watching him play and being envious of his talent.

The good thing about tomorrow is that it should be a celebration. Steve shared with me that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. That means that when he took his last breath here on earth, he took his first in heaven.

I know that there are still so many questions among those who knew Steve, but there is hope in seeing him again. Please be in prayer for Steve's parents and sister and those who were close to him. It's not easy saying goodbye, but if you've trusted in Jesus, then it's really a "see ya later."

RIP - Steve Dorsey