Book Review: "For These Tough Times"

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers not long ago.  I was interested in seeing what Max Lucado had to say again.  I have been a fan of a lot of his work in the past because his writing is very easy to read.  For These Tough Times was no different.  The 80-page book was a very easy read.

For These Tough Times tackles the questions that many people hold inside: Where is God when bad things happen?  Does God care?  Does God hear my prayers in the difficult times?  Lucado, as a minister, has heard the cries of people like this often and put together a good work to help shed some light on these subjects.  This work does not seek to fully answer each question, but it does give a good starting point for each question.  The tone of the book seems more like a conversation that one is having with Lucado over a cup of coffee.  Lucado does a great job of using everyday illustrations to make the Scripture he uses come to life for the situations that arise.

I would highly recommend this book to those who are looking for some answers to difficult times that one may go through.  This work will bring encouragement and insight to any difficult situation.