When Will I Use This?

How many times have you said that about something that you were having to learn about?  For me, it would be PLENTY of times.  I'm actually in one of those moments now.  I am currently working on my MDiv degree through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  I am taking a class called "Encountering the Biblical World."  For the most part it has been a class about the archaeology of the biblical world.  Going in, I thought that this might be pretty cool to learn more about the geography and other points of this part of the world that I've never been to.  I can honestly say that I was wrong.  Don't get me wrong... I think it has its place, but it does not excite me at all.

As I work on a paper about Megiddo, I find myself asking that question, "when will I use this again?"  I need this class to get my degree.  That has been the only thing keeping me in this.  Sometimes you have to do things that you don't see the point in to get to the destination that you want to be at.  Many times those "questionable" things turn out to be stepping stones to greater things.  I can remember wondering when in the world I would use algebra in real life.  Just the other day, I was using an algebraic formula to figure out some figures on costs of a trip for our student ministry.  Maybe there is a reason for this later on.