In light of these economic times, I got to thinking about investments.  I do not do much investing with money in the stock market and such.  But I do invest many other things.  I invest my money in things that I deem worthy (church, schooling, Starbucks).  As I was sitting in a seminary class this morning, I was reminded about last year's almost failure.  It strongly encouraged me to make sure that the investment that I (and others - mainly my family) was putting in to my education was making a good return.  Last semester, I had to sit down with my wife and face the heat of almost blowing some $500 because I just slacked off in a class.

I began to realize that when you get a clear picture of the investment that has been put into you for something, you do all that's in your power to make sure the return is the most.  You fight for what you love and respect.

What are you investing in haphazardly?  What are investing in wholeheartedly?  How are you setting up guardrails to keep from being side-swiped in this process?