New Team Member

Yesterday, at our local fellowship, we voted on bringing a new staff member on board.  Richard Shahan was given a unanimous affirmative vote by our local fellowship to head up the children and family ministries of First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama.  I am excited about this addition.  Richard has served in many capacities of church life and proven effective.  The area of children's ministry is a vital area to a fellowship.  Seeing how I work with the middle and high school students, it is important to me to have something in place prior to them coming to me that will set the stage for something great.  In talking to Richard over the past couple of days, I truly believe that he has been gifted by God to do this.

In meeting with Richard this past weekend, I really didn't want to find out about his likes and dislikes, his family, or his thoughts on Birmingham.  I wanted to hear his heart.  I wanted to know if this was going to be a good team member.  I am of the belief that there has to be a strong team mentality in church leadership.  If a church fellowship just hires a few people who are good at "their areas" but don't have a good "team mentality," then you will have a lot of trouble around the corner.  You may not have the most "elite" in "their areas" but if you have a good "team mentality", I believe that you can accomplish a lot more for the glory of Christ.

What are your thoughts about the team concept in church leadership?  What are some of your experiences?