Prayer Request

This morning I got up at about 4am to get ready and take my wife to the airport for her 6am flight.  (Not something I would recommend after doing a youth worship service the night before.) I am excited for Naomi as she teams up with some ladies from our church and goes to Nebraska to help with a Bible conference for Native American women.  I know that God is going to do some incredible things in the lives of the Native American women and in the ladies from our church as well.  Naomi is super-excited because she will get to meet a young lady who she has been praying for for the past couple of months.

I ask that you pray for a few specific items:

  • safety in travel

  • safety for the team while in Nebraska

  • those of the women who are not believers to find a living relationship with Jesus

  • the team members from our local church be forever changed by the work that God does in and through them

  • for God to receive a tremendous amount of glory through this