Faster Than A Speeding Bullet...

No, this is not a post about "the man of steel."  That is just the pace that life seems to be taking all of the sudden.  It seems like last week was spring break (in March) and now here we are grabbing our bootstraps for what looks to be a very eventful summer.  I am so grateful for our student ministry intern this summer.  He has started off great in building relationships with our students.  It helps greatly that he was a former student of mine (back in the Madison, Alabama days).  He is proving to be a true God-send.  I look forward to this summer in pouring into him and showing him the lessons that I've learned in leading student ministry.  This will be the first internship that I've been able to lead that was really geared around equipping and mentoring.

On top of all of this stuff, the conversion to Mac continues.  My wife was able to get an iPhone recently.  She began the whole transition.  This past week, I was blessed with the opportunity to get a Macbook from someone.  I love it.  This has added extra stuff on my plate as I want to conquer the Mac and all.  I've almost completed my first dvd of taking our son to the zoo.  This machine is awesome.