Thoughts From the Book of Amos

I am currently studying the Old Testament book of Amos in my personal time.  Before now, I can't remember looking into the words of this prophet of God.  I realize now that I have truly been missing out on some awesome stuff.  This was a guy from Judah (the southern kingdom) who was sent to Israel (the northern kingdom) to let them know what God was up going to do.  His approach was great.  He started by pronouncing all kinds of judgments from God on the surrounding nations.  This got the people's attention and them all excited.  Who doesn't like to hear about the fall of your enemies?  But in the middle of chapter two, the tide turns.  God begins to reveal how His judgment is coming on Israel for their sins also.

This really got my attention.  God was not going to put up with sins of people any longer.  They had gone too far.  The interesting thing to me was that just because Israel was His chosen people, they did not get a pass.  I wonder how many times we think that our "little sins" won't be taken so seriously because we are "God's children"?  The sins of Christians make God just as sick to His stomach as the sins of unbelievers.  Those of us who are followers of Christ should not think that God will just overlook our shortcomings.  Jesus reminds us that God sends sun and rain on the righteous and unrighteous (Matthew 5:45).  Who's to say that His judgment will not fall on both for sin also.  I understand that in speaking of eternal consequences, the believer's sin has been washed in the blood.  But we (believers) should not think that we will be passed over by the earthly consequences of our sin.  Maybe we should remember the words of Peter when he wrote, "for it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God" (1 Peter 4:17).

Just some food for thought...


Kreitsauce said...

It's so great to hear someone writing on the Minor Prophets. It seems like everyone has forgotten about them, but they seem to be such a rich part of Scripture.

Thanks for writing this!