Under the Weather

Yesterday, our little man came home from daycare just not feeling good.  All he wanted to do was to lay around especially with his mommy.  That's just not the usual Drew.  He is usually jumping and running around until we make him go to bed.  Today, I took him to the doc and got the diagnosis: ear infection in both ears. Poor guy!  I'm staying at the house with him until his mom can come and take over.

This reminds me that they are times when we just aren't our usual selves.  We get ran down by the tasks that we have to do or something comes in a knocks us down.  It is important to have the proper care during these times.  I watch as our little man hits these times that though he is frequently wrestling and all with me, during these down times he wants mommy.  He wants that extra special touch and someone to just hold him.  There's nothing more calming and soothing than a mother's touch.  For a Christian, that touch comes from our Heavenly Father.  When times of hardship or difficulties come your way, don't be afraid to crawl up in "Daddy's" lap and just let Him love on you.


Naomi said...

I sure hope he feels better soon. I'd like to be able to get some sleep! I know you would. Why is cutting teeth such a hard thing? And to have ear infections on top of that with a sore throat also...our poor sweet little man!