Okay, so our church has this program that we do called "GROW".  Basically, it is an outreach program designed to have church members go out and make visits to those who have visited our church or are new to the community.  The last week in the month has become the "youth week."  This was a result of something we did earlier in the year.  We took a month in our student ministry and showed students how to share their faith with others.  We canceled our usual "youth service" and hit the mall down the street to put our training to use.  We had about seven students show up and a great time.  They wanted to do more so we decided that we would go once a month and make contacts.

As time has gone by, there are no students showing up to this "event."  I know that there is some major tweaking that needs to happen here.  This is for those out there who are youth leaders: what do you do for outreach with your students that seems to be working?