A New Day Dawning

It's a great thing when you have a good team behind you with the same mind.  Today, I had a meeting with a group of parents in our church who help me plan some stuff for the student ministry.  In the baptist church, they are called the "youth ministry committee."  I call them a great group of parents.  In our meeting, I discussed some major changes that would be happening in the student ministry starting this fall.  If you have never tried to totally change something in a baptist church, I encourage all you thrill-seekers to try it sometime.

Here's the model of meeting times that we had:

  • Sunday morning: Sunday School small groups and morning worship with adults.

  • Sunday evening: worship with the adults

  • Wednesday evening: youth worship

This is a very common model that is found in Southern Baptist churches (sadly).  As I met with the team, I asked them where was the time of discipleship and ministry?  We couldn't find either.  So we are looking at shaking things up a little so that we can do more effective student ministry.

  • Sunday morning: Sunday School small groups & family worship

  • Sunday evening: youth worship and outreach

  • Wednesday evening: discipleship classes

I am very excited (as was the youth ministry team) with this new model.  I wonder if there are any youth pastors out there who have made this change and have any good tips to help with transition?


Brett Brandewie said...

I love it! I wish we could have gotten some of our youth parents at my old church to come on board with this model, but sadly enough, we weren't able to change a whole lot only being in there for an interim basis.

I think this will pay off in great dividends. What kind of "outreach" are you looking into doing? Also, I think that Wednesday night design would be great for pouring theology into kids' heads... they need it, we need it, it's good stuff! :)

I will keep you guys in my prayers! You are real lucky to have a family like the Roberts around, they are just awesome people! Hope to see you soon.