Co-workers or Customers

During my lunch break between seminary classes today, I listened to a podcast from Cornerstone Simi Valley on this subject.  I frequently will listen to messages from this church.  I would encourage anyone who is wanting to hear the word of God in a straightforward way to check this place out.

The pastor brought up Philippians 1 and was very honest about how there are times when he doesn't always feel partners with the people of his congregation.  The reason for this is that many times in the church of America today there are those who are just "shopping" for churches that will do what they want.  These "shoppers" are hard to build a true relationship as the Bible calls for us to.  I'm not sure where this customer-based mentality entered into the church of America, but the truth is that this is far too frequent.  The church should be a place where believers come to share and encourage one another (Hebrews 10:25).  The church should also be a place where those who are investigating Christ can come and see a clear picture as to what He is all about and the mighty works that He does.

I want to encourage you that whatever fellowship that you are a part of, be a co-worker and not just a customer.  Join together with the believers that gather in your community in sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.