Weekend Update (late)

I don't know where the time went to, but here it is Wednesday and I realized that I hadn't put out the weekend update for our student ministry.  So here goes...

Message: "Shaped for Serving God" This was part 5 in our series "What on Earth Am I Here For?" that we are using from Simply Youth Ministry.  It has been a good series for us to refocus on the purposes of our lives and the life of our church.  This message was somewhat a refresher course for most of our students.  It talked about how God has gifted us to serve and make a difference.  We did a big series last year on this topic.

Music: "Here is Our King" - David Crowder Band; "Everlasting God" - Chris Tomlin; "Center" - Charlie Hall

Game: PowerPoint Game from the series dvd.  (Note: these PowerPoint games are going over really well with our group.  They're very competitive and are really getting into them.)  We gave away an Everyday Sunday CD to the winner.

Overall: As stated before, the message was a little of a refresher for the students.  That can be a good thing though.  We tend to have short memories and forget things easily.  You could see it on many faces that look of, "haven't we already gone over this?"  I think still it was a good night.