Crossroads Weekend Update

Great night again this past Sunday with the youth of First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama.  We are continuing our series on "Bonding with James" and looking through the New Testament book of James.

Message: "Diamonds Are Forever" James 2:14-26.  We focused on what genuine faith looks like and how it is demonstrated through our works.  We talked about how our works do not save us but rather our good works reveal to those around us that our faith in Christ is real.

Music: "Sing to the King" - Billy Foote; "From the Inside Out" - Hillsong; "Lead Me to the Cross" - Brooke Fraser.

Overall: I thought that this night was really good.  Once again we had one of our students reach out and invite a friend.  It is always a boost to know that the students trust you and what you're doing to bring their friends (or girlfriends) along for the ride.  We were missing some of our regulars though.  I would give the night a B++.