Is It Murder?

Yesterday, me and my wife were talking about our day and she told me about an interesting story that she read on foxnews.com.  A Los Angeles man was arrested for the murder of an unborn child.  This struck me as very interesting.  I looked on foxnews.com myself this morning and there was another story of someone being arrested for the attempted murder of an unborn child.  The question that came to both my wife and my mind was: if these men are charged with the murder of an unborn child, what about abortions?

I have heard the arguments of abortion supporters that say that the child is just a mass of tissue and not a person.  I greatly disagree with them.  But these stories and cases do not make any sense to me.  What is the difference with someone slipping an abortion-causing agent into a drink and a doctor doing it in an office?  Is the unborn a person or a glob of tissue?

I think that once again the ignorance of the argument that the unborn is nothing more than a mass of tissue has been shown.  If the law will arrest someone for the murder of an unborn, I think that similar action should be done to anyone who takes the life of an unborn child.  I hope that this will rise some thoughts in the mind of the public to answer the question "is the taking of life from an unborn child murder in any form?"