Unrecognized Answers

Mark 6:45-52

I was reading this story from Mark's gospel and listening to a sermon from Tony Evans (one of my favorite preachers).  A few things really stood out to me from this passage and the sermon that I heard.

  • Jesus didn't show up to the disciples until they were at the end of their rope.

  • The disciples didn't recognize Jesus because they weren't looking for Him.

  • Jesus didn't calm the storm outside until the storm inside the boat was settled.

How is it that we so quickly forget that God's ways are so different than our own (Isaiah 55:8)?  I get caught many times looking for God to do things the same way that He did them before.  Like the disciples, there are times when I will box God into working a certain way.  When God decides to operate outside of "my box", it confuses me sometimes.  I know that this is similar to a previous post of mine, but I believe that it is a good reminder to us all that there is no box to put God in.