Weekend Update

This is beginning to get ridiculous... here it is Thursday, and I'm just now getting the weekend update out from Sunday.

Message: "Made for a Mission." This was the final part in our series on "Welcome to the Planet: What on Earth Am I Here For?" I think that this was my favorite message of the entire series.  The focus of this message was evangelism.  We took a different approach as we kicked back a little and discussed some.  We also challenged the students to start reaching out to those around them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am anxious to see what comes of that.

Music: Sadly, we didn't have music this week.  Josh (our regular worship guy) was out of town on fall break.  The backups that we usually use had sickness running through their house and computer problems as well (they didn't even get my message/email about it until like Friday or something).

Games: We played a PowerPoint game that came along with the material from Simply Youth Ministry.  It went over pretty good.  Some of the material was a little too far before these students' time.

Overall: I think the night went really good.  We had a better attendance than we had been having in the past couple of weeks.  I think that not having music hurt a little, but what says that you always have to do the same things?