Weekend Update

We had a great night with the student ministry of FBC Birmingham last night.  We are in the middle of a series called "Bonding with James" where we are taking a walk thru the New Testament book of James.

Message: "Die Another Day" Part 2 in the "Bonding with James" series.  We talked about temptation and how to overcome it.  I really felt good about this message and thought that it came across effectively.  I was bummed out afterwards to find out that our podcast recorder didn't work (again).  Temptations are something that we all face but don't have to give in to.  If we set up guardrails and stand on the word of God, we can find victory over any temptation that comes our way!

Music: "Marvelous Light" - Charlie Hall; "Enough" - Chris Tomlin; "The Savior's Love" - old hymn.  It was good to have Josh, our music guy, back.  It was also his birthday, so we snuck a "Happy Birthday" in there for him.  I'm constantly reminded of how important musical worship is to a person's life.

Student Involvement: We did a game at the beginning of "Guess who's bad decision it is?"  This was a game that we made up.  We had students write down on a card a bad decision that they had made and turn it in.  We read them aloud (they knew we would) and had the group try to guess who's blunder it was.  This made a great icebreaker and lead-in to the message.

What are some ways that you deal with temptation?
How have you creatively taught about temptation with students?