Book Review

livingwithconfidenceThe latest book that I have read through Thomas Nelson's book review program was Dr. David Jeremiah's "Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World: What On Earth Should We Do Now?" I have been a big fan of Dr. Jeremiah and the work that the Lord is doing through him.  Dr. Jeremiah uses some of the most clear speech to bring God's word to people.  I have read many of his previous books.

This work seems to be a follow-up to a work ("What in the World is Going On?").  I think that it might have helped to read that book first.  I had a little trouble following Dr. Jeremiah's line from chapter to chapter.  One thing that I did find still in his work was  the great use of illustrations.  I have always admired Dr. Jeremiah's ability to illustrate the Word of God and its principles with common everyday stories from our culture.

I would suggest this work to anyone who might be wondering about if God really cares about us and the things that happen in our life.  With the craziness of our culture, this book definitely shows that God is still in control even through the chaos.

Overall Grade: B