Jesus' Evaluation of Leaders in Ministry

I was reading a blog that I normally follow called "Life in Student Ministry" and came across a great post that I thought was worth repeating.  It was talking about how Jesus might evaluate us as leaders in ministry.  You can read the entire post here, but I will drop some of the great points that stood out to me.

  • Does my behavior match my teaching (Matthew 23:2-3)?

  • Do I lay heavy loads on my followers (Matthew 23:4)?

  • Am I trying to impress people (Matthew 23:5-12)?

  • Do I delight when my pupils surpass me (Matthew 23:13)?

  • Am I molding people in my image or the image of Christ (Matthew 23:15)?

  • Am I majoring in the minors (Matthew 23:23)?

  • Am I keeping up appearances to cover up sin (Matthew 23:25-28)?

  • Do I consider myself superior to others (Matthew 23:30-36)?

This was a great devotion and reminder of how Jesus does the evaluation of a leader.  Thanks, Tim Schmoyer.


Tim Schmoyer said...

Sure! Glad it was helpful for you. My dad actually writes the weekly Time Outs, not me, but you're welcome just the same. :)