Book Review: "Where Is God?"

The latest book that I have been reading from the Thomas Nelson book reviewer deal has been Dr. John Townsend's "Where Is God?" It has been a pretty good read. It was pretty much what I thought it would be: a Christian psychologist talking about how people ask this question during rough times.

_140_245_Book.116.coverI thought that Dr. Townsend did a good job of bringing both psychological and biblical suggestions to different situations that might cause one to ask "Where Is God?" It did sometimes feel like you were talking to a psychologist and in a session.

Overall: I might recommend this book to someone who might be asking this tough question. I did like how Dr. Townsend gave some suggested works to check out on this subject at the end of the book. I felt that his intention wasn't to publish another book, but to truly help hurting people find the answer to the question, "Where Is God?"