I had the great privilege of speaking this morning to a group of students at Homewood Middle School (Birmingham, AL) at their First Priority meeting.   I love getting together with students and sharing a few moments together with the Lord.  I talked about excuses and used the text from John 5 about when Jesus healed the invalid who had been in that condition for 38 years.

The truth is, we all have excuses.  For any task, you can easily fill in the blank with an excuse.  We inherited this trait from Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden.  In the John 5 passage, Jesus asks the man if he wanted to be made whole/well?  Instead of just answering, the man threw out his excuses.

As I shared with the students this morning, there are many things that Jesus calls us to...

  1. Salvation

  2. Sharing Jesus with others

  3. Turn from sin

  4. Get out of our comfort zone

Many times, instead of showing our great love for Jesus, we give excuses like the invalid in John 5.  God doesn't care about our excuses as much as He cares about us.  Whatever it is that God is calling us to, let us instead of giving Him excuses give Him obedience.