All Things New

I was doing some work at the house on Friday since the offices were closed. I was getting frustrated with some tax stuff. That's when I decided that it was time to take a little break and enjoy the weather outside for a little. This was cool because I got to do something that I hadn't in a while: meditate.

I know that "meditate" sounds creepy, weird, and somehow just wrong to many Baptists, we are reminded to do just that in the Psalms. To meditate means simply to spend some time really focusing on one key thing about God.

I spent a few moments outside noticing how the trees & flowers were starting to bloom and show new life. I began to ponder this: "God, You knew exactly what You were doing. You knew that when You established the Passover that it would coincide with spring. You knew that Jesus would suffer, die, & rise from the grave during this time. You were setting the scene for the greatest on-going illustration ever. New life can & will come but only through Jesus."

I encourage you to take some time this week to just break away and let Jesus give you a refresher of what the resurrection is all about by spending some time meditating on His Word (the Bible).


Ryan McWhorter said...

Love your blog Anthony.