Reflections from Easter

This past Sunday was a great day for every believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  It was the day that Jesus Christ proved that He was exactly who He said He was: the Son of God.  I thought that I'd share a couple of things that stood out to me on Resurrection Celebration 2010.

  • Two boys were baptized. It was great to see the two sons of the Snow family follow Christ in believer's baptism.  This family has been one that has truly shown what it means to be followers of Jesus.

  • Resurrection Eggs. This year was the first year that we got to do some Easter festivities with our family.  We decided this year to buy some "Resurrection Eggs" and tell our little man the true meaning behind Easter.  It was awesome watching him hunt the eggs.  What was great was how Drew listened as we talked about how Jesus was crucified and rose again.  I hope that I can hold that excitement that Drew showed when we got to the empty tomb.

How did you celebrate the celebration of Jesus' resurrection?