Baby Checkup

As many of you know, we are expecting our second son this summer. We are very excited about the new addition to our family. As we approach the due date ever so quickly, we have began to think about some of the issues that we had with our first son, Drew. I believe that it was about this time during the pregnancy with Drew that Naomi began to have blood pressure issues. She was placed on bed rest for a while to prolong the pregnancy and give Drew a chance to develop properly. The blood pressure issues got to the point that we had to induce early. But all was good because we had a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Today, we had a checkup and have started to notice a slight raise in Naomi's blood pressure. The doc wants to keep an eye on it and is starting to put some limits on Naomi (not bed rest yet). I ask that you be in prayer for Naomi & baby Sam that things will be okay with them and they won't have to go through the bed rest thing. That would be one of the crulest forms of torture for me.

It won't be terribly long now and our baby Sam will be here (due date is July 1).