Sunday Reflections

Yesterday was a great day at our local fellowship.  It was a crazy day in that it was Graduate Recognition Sunday.  Even through all of the craziness that comes with recognizing graduates, it was an awesome day.  Here are some things that stood out to me...

  • Graduate Recognition is always an emotional time. It doesn't matter how many times you do it, it never gets old.  To watch the students that you've poured in to reach that pinnacle and step on to the next phase is always a great thing.

  • Students never cease to amaze me. We had one high school graduate lined up to just say a short word of thanks to the church family for being there for him and supporting him through the years.  He was almost to the point of backing out and not saying anything (not much of an upfront guy).  He did step up though and shared from his heart.  I was left sitting there in utter amazement... God is doing some great stuff through our students.

  • The meaning of "graduate". Our pastor brought an awesome message about the meaning of graduate - which from the Latin is "to step".  We all have a step to take in our lives.  What step are we trusting God with right now.  (You can hear the message for yourself here.)

  • Salvation doesn't just deal with our past. In our student worship service, we talked about the present-tense part of our salvation (sanctification).  We got some really great students who are eager to learn about God.