A Father's Joy

There are just times that occur in life that blow your mind and make you say, "Wow!"  I am the father of two incredible boys, Drew (almost 3 yrs old) and Sam (just turned 7 weeks old).  Those two boys are a couple of the greatest things that ever happened to me.  God has taught me so much about Himself (and myself) through these boys.  Today was  another one of those lessons.

I had taken Drew out fishing this morning before the rain came in.  We had gotten back about time for lunch, so we were eating a sandwich and some chips at the table.  Naomi had Sam and was playing with him at the other end of the table.  Drew begins to play with Sam and mess with him.  You can already tell that these guys have great potential of being really close as they grow up.  Sam begins to smile and almost laugh at his brother's "playing with him."  Now Sam is not one to smile nor laugh much at this time in his life.  Something about his brother just brightens him up though.

It was in that moment, as I was scarfing down my sandwich and chips that the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, "You feel that joy welling up inside of you because them two boys are playing well with each other?  That's what I feel when Christians live together in love with one another."

We may have different opinions on certain aspects of our faith, but if we are what the Bible calls "brothers and sisters in Christ," then we had better be loving one another as family because in glory, we're going to be doing that anyways.  Jesus' prayer for us (John 17) was that we might be "one".  This "one" is unity.  We don't have to see things exactly the same way in every tiny part of our beliefs (though there are some essentials).

How are you and I doing with helping Jesus' prayer become a reality?