Great Resource for Worship Needs

Last night in our student ministry, we did not have anyone available to lead worship for our student worship service.  This is not a good situation to be in.  I was glad that a friend of mine let me know about a great resource for just such situations.  It is LifeChurch.tv's open resources.  I have been amazed at the heart of LifeChurch.tv.  They truly want to help out fellow believers around the world.  They have created many great tools that are free for churches who might not be able to get those resources if they were charged the normal value.  This open resource page of LifeChurch.tv has so many tools that you can use: messages (for kids, youth, and adults), small group studies, worship sets, and more.

As I was saying, last night we had no one to lead our group in musical worship.  We actually used one of the worship sets (which you can download as a .mov or .wmv file) and just played it on the screen.  It was like a live simulcast of a worship service.  The leaders made it seem as if our group was right there in the room with them.  Not to mention that the talent of these worship leaders is off the charts.

Next time you get in a bind and need a little help, check out LifeChurch.tv's open resources that are available to churches around the globe... for free!