Book Review: "Insights on John"

I was given by Zondervan Publishers a copy of Charles Swindoll's "Insights on John" in return for a honest review of what I thought about it.  I am not one to turn away a free book and give my opinion on something, so I gladly agreed.

Here are some strengths that I saw from this book...

  • Good charts. Who doesn't like a visual aid to assist you in studying?  I sure do.  This book has a bunch of them to help put the information in a visual form to easily understand.

  • Very devotional. Swindoll's use of the narrative is a style that does well in helping people understand the truth's of God's Word.  This style of writing helps the sometimes confusing language of interpretation more clear.

  • Notes from the author's journal. It was neat to see how different passages have spoken to Swindoll over the years.  It made the resource more personal and seem like you were sitting down to share thoughts on a passage together with a friend.

  • Application sections. Having a little review at the end of each section helps to pull together the different points that you have studied.

I think that Swindoll's work in Insights on John is a good tool to help people to get a better understanding of the Bible.  I don't think that it should be the only tool that a person uses, but it is definitely a good one to use.