Correct Priorities

Earlier this week I had heard about the news that San Francisco 49er running back, Glen Coffee, was retiring from professional football.  Why has this story made the headlines all over the sports world?  He's 23 years old.  I won't even go into the thought of how great it would be to retire at the age of 23.  but I will get into why he stepped away from the game.

Glen Coffee was on a local radio show this week talking about this decision to walk away from arguably the greatest game on the face of the planet (along with millions of dollars).  He shared about how his heart was not with the game anymore... even at the college level.  He thought that if he got paid, it might make it all more tolerable.  He has since seen that this is not the path for his life.  It was amazing to hear him talk about his faith in Jesus Christ and following Him.  Glen talked about sharing his decision to walk away with his coach Mike Singletary (also born-again Christian) and the encouragement that Coach Singletary gave him to follow His Lord.

The whole reason that I bring any of this up is not that here's a former Alabama Crimson Tide running back (though that's a cool part), but that it's good to see someone who has their priorities straight.  Glen Coffee was able to set aside the fame and fortune that the NFL has to offer to do what he knows is God's path for him.  I greatly respect him for this decision and pray that God would use him in a great and mighty way to shape the future of many people to come.