Pray for Krista

Today, I made a visit to a local hospital to see an old friend. Krista McCarty has played many roles in the years that I've known her. She was first the little sister of a friend of mine growing up. She transitioned into a student of mine in my first full-time ministry role. After I stepped away from that position, Krista became a friend and someone I admire.

One interesting fact about this 24 year old young lady is that she has Cystic Fibrosis. She has had to battle this sickness for so long. The whole 14 or so years that I've known Krista, she has been a warrior and a half. I truly admire her strength and faith in Christ.

She is in the hospital now intubated and awaiting a lung transplant. She has fought with her lungs about as far as they can go. She is on the list here in Birmingham for a lung transplant. There is also a possibility of a living donor transplant. Please join me in lifting this warrior for Christ up in prayer. Pray for God to open the doors for a transplant to happen quickly. Pray for her family as they are by her side every hour through this all. Let's see what our awesome God can do (Ephesians 3:20)!


Debbie McWhorter said...

I too admire and envy Krista's faith and strength. Her family and friends continue to be amazed at her ability to praise God in her trials. Krista "is" a miracle and a blessing to all of us who know her.

Lesa Franklin said...

Krista "is" definitely a miracle and blessing, as Debbie said. I have always been amazed at the number of activities she was always involved in during her high school years and even the early college years. The trips to the hospital definitely interrupted her social schedule. Anthony, you have grown and matured as a christian and a leader and it just made my heart proud to read your post about Krista and your friendship with her. I know she is very blessed to have you visit with her and lift her up in prayer.