No Plan B

A group of students and adults at our fellowship is going through the "Radical" bible study that was created to go along with the book by the same title by David Platt.  This book has been a great encouragement and conviction to me.  I would highly encourage anyone in the United States of America to read this great book, as it will definitely make you think and evaluate some things.

This week's lesson is about disciple-making and uses "the Great Commission" found in Matthew 28:16-20.  One of the key elements of this "Great Commission" that Jesus gives to His followers is that we are all to go and make disciples.  That's right... all of us.  Not just the professionals (pastors, youth pastors, evangelists, vocational missionaries).  As many have probably heard in sermons, the word translated "go" could better be translated "as you go".  The thought was that there was no "if you go" or "when I get the chance or opportunity to go", but "when you go".

Another thing that stood out to me was that there is no plan B that God has in mind to take the Gospel to the nations.  He set a plan in motion (every follower of Christ taking the Gospel to everyone they encounter) and did not make a back-up plan.  The question becomes then, if we as followers of Christ are not making disciples of those we encounter, how will the Gospel get to all the nations?  If the Gospel doesn't get to the nations, people will not be saved and be eternally under the wrath of God.  Also, when we choose to not fulfill the command that God has given us as His followers/children, we are robbing Him of the glory due Him when people come to experience His grace.  Are we really looking forward to the day that we stand before Jesus and have to say, "Sorry, Jesus for robbing You of the glory due You... but I just didn't see the importance of making disciples... it was too hard... it cramped my style..."

May that day not have to be in our future, but rather the day that we look at Jesus eye to eye and hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."