Welcome to the Masquerade

This coming Sunday night at Crossroads (student ministry of FBC Birmingham, Alabama), we are having a special theme night.  We are calling it "Welcome to the Masquerade."  All students in the Birmingham area are invited to a night of fun and good times as we take a look at what lies behind the masks that we wear.  It all starts at 6pm, so if you're in the Birmingham area, feel free to come and join us for the fun.

I will be honest, in preparing the message for Sunday night, I'm getting super excited.  God has been showing me some cool stuff that I can't wait to share with those present at Crossroads.  As a teaser for Sunday night, one thing that God has been showing me is that the real God of the universe is strongly pursuing the real us that He has created.  That's all that I'll share at this time.  If you want more, drop by FBC Birmingham this Sunday at 6pm (costumes on).