This week is the annual Alabama Baptist Convention. This is a meeting that takes place for all Southern Baptists in the state of Alabama to worship together and chart the course for the next couple of years. I will admit that though I have been a part of Southern Baptist churches since I was 14 years old and served on Southern Baptist church staffs since 1997, this is my first time being to the state convention.

It had never been a big priority on my list because I always viewed it as one huge business meeting. We all know how that would make you want to jump up and be a part of it (last statement saturated with sarcasm). I have found it very different though.

Yesterday was the Pastors Conference where they have a time of encouragement just for the leadership of local churches. This was a great time as I heard four pastors from our state share what God had put on their heart. I missed the last two because I wanted to be at home when the babies were put to bed.

Today and tomorrow will be filled with people sharing about ministries across the state. I have really appreciated that many have gone out to make this much more than just boring reports. It has been nice to see how the contributions that our church makes to the Cooperative Program are working. Intermingled throughout the reports have been some good times of worship through music and preaching.